Computer Sales

Refurbished & new computers, workstations, gaming systems & more.

24/7 Health Monitoring

Our software can monitor your systems for viruses, crashes, failing hardware, stressed resources and more.

Network Management

We keep your network secure, up to date and up to speed.

Software Support

We can assist with troubleshooting problems with a wide variety of software.

Business Phone Systems

We offer FreePBX / Sangoma business phone systems for small businesses.

Computer Repair

In store or on site repairs for your desktops and laptops.


Local backups. Cloud backups. Monitored. Servers. Workstations. SQL. Exchange. We've got you covered.

Ticketed Help Desk

Request assistance with the click of a mouse button.

Patch Management

Don't stress over the latest security breaches. Our software automatically keeps your system up to date.

Detailed Reports

Detailed reports from us will give you all of the information you need to confirm your I.T. needs are being satisfied.

Remote Support

We can help you remotely from where ever you're at in the world.

Server Maintenance

We do server sales, installs and support. Simple NAS boxes, full racks & everything in between. 


Our managed antivirus solution stops malicious software in it's tracks.

Disaster Recovery

When emergencies strike, you need a battle plan to keep your business going.

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